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Double tube lights

Double tube lights
Brand Name: FACELED
Model No: TOP-T6-PL221
Power: 8/10/14/19
Luminous Flux: 100lm/W
Life Span: 50,000hours
IP Rating: IP30
Certificates: CE,RoHS,FCC,etc
Payment Term:: TT & LC
Warranty:3 years warranty time

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Model Power Luminous LEDs LED Type Driver PC Cover Product Size
TOP-T6-PL221 8W 720lm 36 SMD2835 Internal Frosted                             Transparent 26*47(54)*221
TOP-T6-PL250 10W 900lm 48 SMD2835 Internal Frosted                             Transparent 26*47(54)*250
TOP-T6-PL412 14W 1300lm 72 SMD2835 Internal Frosted                             Transparent 26*47(54)*412
TOP-T6-PL530 19W 1750lm 96 SMD2835 Internal Frosted                             Transparent 26*47(54)*530
TOP-T6-PL559 19W 1750lm 96 SMD2835 Internal Frosted                             Transparent 26*47(54)*559
Strong Point            
1.Easily replace fluorescent PL Tubes with intenal driver
2.No-flicker & Isolated driver       
3.2G11 & GY10Q base for optional      

Quick Detail:
1, No infrared and UV . no flicker and no harm to hunman,
2, Enviironment-friendly,Green lighting,More energy saving,
3, Dimmable,Sensor,Emergency can be choose,
4, Over 50000h lifespan,Warranty:2 years,
5, High Power,energy conservation,high brightness,good heat dissapation,
6, Easy setting,shock-proof and concussion-proof,
7, Constant current design,low light degradation
 Dimmable 1200mm Aluminum Fixture 18W High Power Factor T5 LED Tube Lighting In office?? is high stability constant current drive to ensure the lifespan,energy-saving, low power consumption, saving more than 80% than the traditional incandescent , more than 52% than fluorescent lamps when under the same illumination;Environmental protection,no flicker, no UV, infrared radiation, low-calorie, no mercury elements, no  harmful substances during using;easy to install,  can be directly used for the exchange with the traditional fluorescent tube.
1, Indoor decoration
2, School/universities/hospital
3, Conference/meeting room, show room
4, Commercial complex
5, Factories/offices
6, Supermarkets
7, Residential/institution buildings and others,

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