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Bottom Preis für 200W Linear Highbay Verkauf nach Kairo

Bottom Preis für 200W Linear Highbay Verkauf nach Kairo





Wir hängen von stabilen technischen Kraft und ständig schaffen anspruchsvolle Technologien , um die Nachfrage von zu erfüllen Bottom Preis für 200W Linear Highbay Verkauf nach Kairo, gewann Artikel Zertifizierungen mit den regionalen und internationalen Primär Behörden .Für uns weit ausführlichere Informationen kontaktieren Sie bitte!

Wir sind erfahrene Hersteller. Wining die Mehrheit der entscheidenden Zertifizierungen seines Marktes, unsere LED-Mais-Licht, 140LM ​​/ W Röhre, LED-Instrumentenbeleuchtung, LED High Bay Licht, LED-tri-proof Licht, Flutlicht, LED-Wand-Satz, LED-Überdachung-Licht, LED-tri -proof Licht, gewonnen Produkte Zertifizierungen mit den regionalen und internationalen Primär Behörden .Für weit ausführlichere Informationen, kontaktieren Sie uns!

We are experienced manufacturer. Wining the majority of the crucial certifications of its market, our Bottom price for 200W Linear Highbay sale to Cairo, We are sincerely welcome good friends from numerous circles at dwelling and abroad come to cooperate!

Gute Lösung für industrielle Licht
LM80  philips LED 3030 and Meanwell driver as option
Nice optical design with multiple beam angle (70×140°/90°/60×100° ).
With function of  Microwave sensor,Daylight sensor,0-10V
lumen efficency up to 110lm/w with CRI over 80Ra.
IP65.Provide warranty of 5 years



Wandregal, Fabrikanlagen, Lagerhallen, Zug

Busbahnhof, Tankstelle, U-Bahn-Tunnel usw.

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    I’ve noticed a lot of activity on an old video from over 12 months ago so decided to do a final full tour on an updated Red Rocket since then.

    This was my first build on the game and one I’ve been adding to over time unlike others which I’ve built continuously until finished. I have though gone as far now as I’d like and the game fps will allow me without crashing.

    This still acts as my main base on this playthrough and has a power armour hanger capable of holding 37 suits and a display room with 14 display cases for the more unique suits and X-01 armour. A small market is set up under the old Service Station Baldachin and gun shop and shooting range in the old office space. A roof top bar and seating area leads to the main tower where the vault dweller resides when home and house’s magazines and bobbleheads in their own display room, the stairs lead to the top of the tower, ideal for a sniper build.

    Hope you enjoy the video and remember to leave a like if you enjoy the build. As always thanks for looking.


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