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Gute Qualität 100% 250W Linear Highbay in Kongo

Gute Qualität 100% 250W Linear Highbay in Kongo





Wir hängen von stabilen technischen Kraft und ständig schaffen anspruchsvolle Technologien , um die Nachfrage von zu erfüllen Gute Qualität 100% 250W Linear Highbay in Kongo, Einzelteile gewannen Zertifizierungen mit den regionalen und internationalen Primär Behörden .Für weit ausführlichere Informationen, kontaktieren Sie uns!

Wir unterstützen unsere Kunden mit ideal qualitativ hochwertige Produkte und hohe service.Becoming den Spezialhersteller in diesem Bereich haben wir reiche praktische Erfahrung in der Herstellung und managing.Our LED-Mais-Licht, 140LM ​​/ W-Schlauch, LED-Instrumentenbeleuchtung, LED High Bay gewonnen Licht, LED-tri-proof-Licht, LED Flutlicht, LED-Wand-Satz, LED-Überdachung-Licht, LED-tri-Beweis Licht, Einzelteile gewannen Zertifizierungen mit den regionalen und internationalen Primär Behörden weit ausführlichere Informationen .Für, kontaktieren Sie uns!

We support our buyers with ideal high quality products and high level service.Becoming the specialist manufacturer in this sector,we have gained rich practical experience in producing and managing.Our Good quality 100% 250W Linear Highbay in Congo, items won certifications with the regional and international primary authorities .For far more detailed information,please contact us!

Gute Lösung für industrielle Licht
LM80  philips LED 3030 and Meanwell driver as option
Nice optical design with multiple beam angle (70×140°/90°/60×100° ).
With function of  Microwave sensor,Daylight sensor,0-10V
lumen efficency up to 110lm/w with CRI over 80Ra.
IP65.Provide warranty of 5 years




Wandregal, Fabrikanlagen, Lagerhallen, Zug

Busbahnhof, Tankstelle, U-Bahn-Tunnel usw.

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    New series of Flextents folding canopies with stunning overhang. The overhang adds a great touch and makes it the perfect market canopy or sales booth. For more info and purchase visit dancovershop.com

    Skirtie is concrete socket ceiling bulb lamp with color textile braided cable and wooden ceiling cap, a great KENDU Design collection, and made-on-order item. Cable color can be custom made, you may select any textile cable from our design selection. The length of textile cable is standard 2m. The socket is suitable for any regular sized bulb. Our designer concrete lamp is a perfect gift for woman or man.

    Description – Materials – Sizes – Specification

    Socket bulb holder for bulb types E27
    A special technique was used to create a concrete moon-like surface of the bulb holder. Every piece of Skirtie designer lamp is unique and hand-processed. We treat concrete moon surface anti-dust and water resistant coating for easy maintenance. The bulb is not included with the lamp. We recommend using new LED filament Edison bulbs to save energy with high efficiency.

    Textile cable
    We braid our cables with Italian synthetic fibers that were carefully selected for a range of vibrant color schemes. Textile cable has dia. 6mm and 3×0.75mm cores. Resists up to 170℃ heat. The standard length of cable is 2m.

    Ceiling cap
    We use beech wood ceiling canopy for Skirtie concrete lamp. It is hand-processed oil treated natural hardwood which make our lamp lovely and green solution.

    Packing is ecological and glue free designer gift packing made of recycled paper. In the package, you will receive user manual and installation instruction. With our packing design, Skirtie lamp is a perfect designer gift for woman or man or both.

    KENDU Design – Fair Trade statement
    We comply with European Fair Trade principles – starting with the production of our designer collection until your payment and safe receipt of our product, you are sure that all of this is fair to everyone whom we work with also. Skirtie concrete bulb Lichtstreifen is certified under CE policy and can be used by designers or architects for commercial projects. KENDU Design secures the uniqueness of your product through Registered Community Design in Europe. Please, visit our webpage.

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