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Energy Saving LED Floodlight

Energy Saving LED Floodlight use LED High Power COB integrated light source, a light, a light rate of 90%; no glare, even high up to 0.5 or more, by increasing the optical reflection, reduce light loss and improve light efficiency. Heat lamp shell module with high thermal conductivity aluminum alloy casting, high performance heat coatings, heat more evenly, with the heat, lower the temperature of the heat source, the temperature of the heat sink, naturally, will not be high. Power management module constant current drive power, power efficiency greater than 90%, power factor greater than 0.95, THD ≤20%, EMI meet global requirements, operating voltage 90V-305V.


     Energy Saving LED Floodlight entire lighting efficiency greater than 100lm / w, light body surface temperature is below 55 ℃; by CE, ROHS, FCC certification achieving a highly efficient energy saving, long life.

Post time: Aug-06-2016


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