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Four Mistakes lighting optional

Lift the lighting installation, many people will dismissive: Light Well, small objects, when the pre-Hydropower Plants are good cloth lines, switches, sockets, go pick Jizhan match the interior style lamp on the market to get away. It is not. Mistakes lack of lighting knowledge, choose light eye alone to see a considerable number of users lack knowledge of lighting expertise, in the purchase of lamps, usually only concerned with the appearance, size and power saving, as illumination lamps, color temperature, color whether in respect of lighting and other environmental health index, poorly understood. In fact, too strong or too weak illumination, improper color temperature, color rendering, easy to produce irritability, depression, mood. Myth no advance planning, renovation of the re-election of the tail lamp main lamp how equipment, switches and sockets installed where, you do not spotlight, where to put the floor lamp, choose what kind of control equipment can be installed lighting is not to say, not only related to space lighting The overall plan also involves the transformation of the circuit. Chaos mounted a pass, so that the house looks not only beautiful, but too much or too little light will affect the comfort of home life. Mistakes only attach importance to lighting, in addition to ignoring the decorative arts as the main lamp lantern decorative effect is self-evident outside the room, wall lamp, LED dimmable lamp is hanging on the wall of a landscape; the corner of the small chandeliers, floor lamps or table lamp, in the same time to create a richer source, but also to create a warm, romantic atmosphere of the room. Mistakes only attach importance to the sky lights, ignoring the main floor lamp lights the sky, said housing is mounted on top of the lamp. Usually families do when ceiling decoration, will be the site planning with lights inside. Floor lamp mainly refers to the footlights. When the night to urinate, if you open an ordinary lamps, too strong light strongly irritating to the eyes, it will affect the next sleep, switches and the like. Soft light to footlights people more comfortable, does not affect the continuity of sleep. Footlights with intelligent sensing without manual switch, it will automatically send out soft in the human nocturnal, especially suitable for children, elderly family use

Post time: Aug-06-2016


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