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Induction Lamp factory energy-saving programs and budgets

The necessity of a factory energy saving lighting 

    With the global energy situation tense, given the shortage of energy consumption is famous for manufacturing large huge impact. Manufacturing enterprises to take the road of energy conservation is the trend. Companies have more than 20% energy saving potential, due to lack of funding energy-saving and energy consulting services, heavy energy costs make the cost of business is greatly improved, not only so that the power supply, while the pollution of our environment. 


Second, the analysis of factory lighting energy saving suggestions 

    For questions plant lighting design in general we need to consider are: 

1 Understand workshop production process, layout and shape of the pattern practices, workshop equipment and lighting levels needed so that these objective conditions are carried out mainly with reference to the elements of lighting design workshop. 

2 brightness, while satisfying customer needs and feel, must feel comfortable giving a visual. 

3. Energy consumption, good economic direction is considering pursuing the design ……. 


………… Five, lamp energy efficiency comparison 

1, the calculation condition 

Lamp power (W) tariff level is the most critical factor affecting, W greater the power consumption more. The following is a translation of the lamp power from the tariff formula: 

Actual power W lamps (rated power + ballast losses) ÷ 1000 watts / hour * X (RMB / kWh) * Y (hours / day) * 365 (days / year) = Z (Yuan / year) 

2, energy efficiency and the analysis and comparison of background conditions 

Number of lamps each 300, only lights use 21 hours per day, every 0.8 degrees electricity dollars, and to achieve the same illumination requirements. 

A: 85W induction lamp energy efficiency comparison:

Post time: Aug-06-2016


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