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Knowledge about the Led panel light HS code

Shenzhen City Faceled Lighting Co., Ltd is a professional factory that export led panel light ,have more than 10 years experiences in the foreign trade business of led panel light .We are very famililar with the process of the whole exportation customs clearance,and very pleased to to share the details of led panel light,hope it will be some useful to your exportation customs clearance.1.what's HS code ?

HS code is an international normal-used figure which is supplied to China Customs when we do application for our product or service during the exportation .

2.What is the HS code of Led panel light ?

The HS Code of led light is 94054090,it is a indoor light led product for led panel light,so it is belongs to the led light ,and the HS code for led panel light is 94054090 .

3.What's the importance for the led HS code ?

It will be directly relate to the tax-refund work for the exportation of led panel manufacture,directly relate to the profit ,bcs the rate of tax-refund is 13% based on the sales amounts.

Hs code of led panel light also is related to whether the work is smooth for our export,if the HS code is wrong ,will delay ship time,Or the goods will be detained by customs if the situation is worse.


Post time: Aug-06-2016


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