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LED lamp performance, power, structure and life

More recently, LED fluorescent became one of the first to enter the indoor LED lamps, fluorescent lamps because it is relative to a number of advantages. 


1. Advantages 

     Relative to the fluorescent lamps, LED fluorescent has 10 major advantages: 

1. High luminous efficiency: 

Fluorescent luminous efficiency is about 55-80 lm / W (Philips Company T8 fluorescent emission efficiency of 72lm / W), and the luminous efficiency of LED 100 lm / W or more, the luminous efficiency of Cree's recent XLampXP-G has the 130 lm / W, and the future will continue to improve. Difference between the two has now nearly doubled. And since there may be more than 3 times. 

2. High Efficiency Lighting: Lighting efficiency mainly refers to the effective optical efficiency as fluorescent light is shining 360 degrees, while the light emitted in the opposite direction there is nothing useful. So usually a white fluorescent lamp shade, you can put a considerable part of the reverse light reflected back, in general, the efficiency of fluorescent lamps only about 70%. The LED lamp is a 120 degree light, so all light is effective light. Although sometimes feel light-emitting angle of 120 degrees a little narrow, but still enough for most situations. And the light angle can also be adjusted according to need. 

Mentioned Philips T8 fluorescent luminous efficiency of 72lm / W, 36W fluorescent issued a total of 2592 lumens, but the lighting efficiency of only 70%, so the effective lumens lumens of 1814.4, while the LED luminous efficiency over 130lm / W, assumed to 130lm / W, can be achieved as long as 12W 1660 lumens, that is, as long as the third power of the fluorescent lamp can have approximately the same brightness. 

And the LED luminous efficiency is still increasing year by year. 

3. High Power Efficiency 

Because all except incandescent lamps are the need for a dedicated power supply, the power supply will affect the efficiency of the entire luminaire efficiency. 

Here's 36WT8 fluorescent lamps with Philips for example. Its rated output power of 36W, but due to the access of the ballast, the measured input power of 42.4W, which is the core inductor loss of 6.4W, reduced efficiency of 85%, the majority of domestic power consumption of iron-core inductor in more than 10W, the power factor is less than 0.512. The LED power efficiency is usually up to 90%, an input power of 18W LED lamp 20W for long. Power factor can reach 0.9 or more. 

And fluorescent lights can save more compared to about half of the electricity, that uses a 18-watt LED lamp can replace a 36-watt fluorescent lamps. 

Not only that, LED fluorescent there are many other advantages. 

4. Long-life, LED lamp life of a careful design can reach 50,000 hours. The life of a fluorescent lamp is usually only 5,000 hours (some homemade fluorescent lifetime only 300 hours). A difference of nearly 10 times. The best long-life fluorescent only 10,000 hours difference between the two is also five times. 

5. No mercury, no pollution. We know that fluorescent lamps contain mercury. 36mm 25-45mg fluorescent lamp containing mercury, 26mm (T8) contains 20mg of mercury. The fluorescent lamps are based on fragile glass as a shell, once broken glass, which will immediately mercury will evaporate into the air, and instantly make the ambient air mercury concentration of 10-20 mg / cubic meter, exceeding the national the 1000-2000 times. The Mercury is a very harmful to the human body of toxic substances, mercury vapor of 0.04 to 3 milligrams cause chronic poisoning people in the February-March, up to induce acute mercury poisoning from 1.2 to 8.5 milligrams, should the amount of 20 mg, will directly lead to animal death. The 1mg of mercury contamination 5454.5 kg is enough drinking water to make it reach the standards for drinking water. The LED lamp does not contain any toxic substances, is a completely non-polluting green light. 

6. A wide range of color temperature, can provide almost any color temperature, but can also provide RGB color as well as any kind of light. 

7. High color rendering index, incandescent CRI of 95, 65-80 fluorescent, and LED lamp can be> 80. 

8. No ultraviolet radiation. 

9. Non-glass, unbreakable, impact resistance, resistance to vibration. 

10. External isolated power LED lamp, the lamp at both ends of the reach of mains pressure, only below the safe voltage 36V DC, the risk of electric shock does not exist, is a completely safe lamps. 


2. Price 

    Currently LED lamp only drawback is the high price. 

    However, despite the current LED lamp is about ten times the price of fluorescent or so, if it is linked to the life-saving and pollution point of view, is still advantageous. Because if and life of 5,000 hours compared to fluorescent lamps, the life expectancy of 50,000 hours of LED lamp is already worth 10 times the price to buy, but in the meantime the energy savings would be entirely a net income. In Japan, because fluorescent lamps contain mercury, so broken fluorescent lamps have to pay and buy a new one for the same money as toxic fluorescent handling fee. So, in Japan, even with long life (10,000 hours) of fluorescent lights, the money paid the equivalent of 10 times more expensive LED lamp. 

     24 hours of continuous work in some venues, such as underground parking, 24 hours overtime production factories and other places. Saving is very important. As mentioned above, a T8 LED fluorescent can save about 20 watts of power, a year down can save 20x365x24/1000 = 175.2 kWh. If 0.7 yuan per kilowatt basis, then one year, you can save electricity 122.64 yuan, two years down, you can save the cost of these roots LED fluorescent. After the savings in electricity will become a net income of. 

     So now there is a call abroad EMC (Energy Management Contract Energy Management Contract) practice. Is funded by a consortium or banks. An underground car park or shopping for free installation of LED lamps, but to charge the owners of all the electricity savings, the agreement may be valid for 5 years. Just two years later, we can recover all the investment, began in the third year, all of the electricity savings becomes a pure gain. This is a very good investment projects. China also began to someone to do so. 

Not to mention the law in accordance with Haitz, LED prices will be reduced tenfold every ten years! 


3. Lifetime 


     We know that low-power LED lights life is very long, but since when the LED as a lighting device, LED life of the problem was raised. In fact, it depends entirely on the life of the LED junction temperature. As long as the junction temperature low enough, LED's life expectancy has increased to over one hundred thousand hours is not a problem. 

     However, due to the luminous efficiency of the LED itself is still relatively low, there are still about 70% of the input power to be converted into heat, if not well dissipate heat, LED junction temperature will rise, so will the life of LED decreases. Therefore, the fundamental way to extend the life of LED is to improve the heat dissipation. Improved heat dissipation from the LED itself start. As long as the radiator good enough, you can ensure that the pin temperature below 60 ° C, then their life can ensure that more than 50,000 hours. 

We measured the results also proved this point, at room temperature at 25 degrees, we measured light bead of solder joints around 45 degrees, if the ambient temperature is 40 degrees, so the LED floor temperature is about 60 degrees. So you can ensure that their life is over 50,000 hours. 


4, the outlook 

     China's annual expenses to produce billions of fluorescent lamps, fluorescent lamps after these abandoned mercury penetration into the groundwater does not know how to give our children the dangers brought about. As mentioned earlier, LED fluorescent than traditional fluorescent lamp has unparalleled advantages, and with the increased annually LED luminous efficiency, reduce costs year after year, completely replace fluorescent era just around the corner. 

     But now the national annual production of some one hundred thousand at most, LED lamp, and most of the export and domestic use very few. 

     In fact, it should be said that even now it is totally worth it economically replace existing fluorescent lamps, plus it's non-toxic, environmentally friendly … and so on merit, it is worth promoting. Especially as the government and various non-profit organizations and institutions of green, from now on we should vigorously promote the advantages of a variety of LED lamps for publicity and education of the masses, preach their superiority. Various banks, financial institutions should fully participate in the EMC contract, reducing people's concerns, making it easier to promote. Especially in relation to energy saving is to slow atmospheric warming, save an important measure of the Earth. Everyone must take positive action is a top priority. I hope we can contribute to the promotion of LED lamp in this process forces us a meager.

Post time: Aug-06-2016


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