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LED lighting intelligent control solutions

LED lighting intelligent control solutions


With the development of network technology and communication technology, intelligent lighting as an important part of modern lighting is intelligent individual manufacturers pay attention to it , the rapid development of economy, the technology matures , promoting rapid development of this industry.


Spike LED lighting control solutions using a new generation of intelligent distributed control, through a combination of hardware and software, issued instructions to the monitoring center from a remote terminal to receive feedback and timely information to use to achieve a system information, basic information collection and management , dimming control, state testing fixture in the course of the entire management and control , not only provides good lighting management model for customers , but also for customers to save and reduce maintenance and management costs. Customers in the use of the process , according to the different needs of the system to manage and customize settings, and the operation is simple and convenient.


LED lighting control solutions for intelligent comprehensive advantages


1 good energy saving effect

With a minimum of energy to ensure that the required illumination levels , saving effect is very obvious , generally up to 30 %.

2 . Extend lamp life

Effectively suppress voltage fluctuations in the grid , avoiding the over-voltage and under- voltage lighting damage , can extend lamp life is usually 2 to 4 times .

3 . Improve lighting quality

Intelligent lighting control system electrical components used to solve the stroboscopic effect , does not engender dizzy , tired eyes feeling.

4 . Achieve a variety of lighting effects

With a variety of control schemes , different time , different purposes, different effects and the use of appropriate pre- set scene control , we can achieve a rich artistic effect.

5 easy maintenance management

Lighting control is based on a modular -based automatic control , manual control , giving the set and replacement information is very convenient, plus greatly improve lamp life , so that lighting management and equipment maintenance easier.

6 . Higher economic returns

Three to five years time , the customer can basically intelligent lighting control system to recover the full cost increase and improve the lighting environment , improve employee productivity and reduce maintenance and management costs.


Single lamp terminal control solutions


With the rapid development of LED industry , energy increasingly accelerated pace , how energy efficiency without increasing secondary enormous costs, an issue considered by many customers , but also many manufacturers topic of common concern , Spike single lamp terminal control solutions based on customer potential demand for development, can be realized by the lamp dimming function smart power , not only to meet the needs of customers to use , but also reduces the purchase cost. Through on-site network settings, the system command input field controllers , lighting the scene under an order issued by the controller to perform in order to achieve the purpose of the terminal control . This solution is suitable for the environment than the rule .


Main advantages:

Lamps, rear loader scene controller can work independently ;

Low cost, intelligent lighting control power comes ;

According to the site controller output command is executed , regularity ;

Maintenance is simple and convenient.


Intelligent time control dimming solutions


According to different time periods , different lighting fixtures glow demand control to achieve energy saving , is controlled dimming solutions that solve the main problem . Spike tune the light control solutions through intelligent customer when burning custom control procedures, intelligent power supply voltage and current control of time , not only to meet the illumination requirements of each period , but also for customers to save electricity costs.

Post time: Aug-06-2016


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