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Shark Week and your car

It’s Shark Week again this year.What do sharks and your car have in common?Why fins, of course!  Not the ornamental tailfins from classic cars of the ‘50’s, but fins that actually serve a purpose (not porpoise).  Most species of sharks have approximately a half-dozen fins and use them when steering though the water.  Your car has dozens, maybe even hundreds of fins that run along the outside of the cooling system radiator, the air conditioning condenser and maybe even a transmission oil cooler.

By this week in July, these fins on your car may be clogged with all types of debris, including spring seedlings that have been wafting in the air for weeks, dead insects and even leaves and other organic material that has been around since last autumn.  When these cooling fins become clogged and July temperatures rise, the engine can overheat, transmissions can fail and air conditioning systems may perform poorly.

While a quick count of a shark’s fins can determine how well it is able to steer, we suggest a quick trip to your local auto repair shop to determine how well the cooling fins on your car are able to deal with summer’s heat.  Sometimes, all it takes is a thorough cleaning of those cooling fins to restore proper system operation and help prevent roadside breakdowns and costly car repairs.

If you do find yourself stuck outside in the event of a sharknado-type disaster, be absolutely sure that your car is in good working order.

Post time: Sep-01-2016


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