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The Structure of Led Light Panel

The Led Light Panel products are very popular on the global illumination markets at the moment.

All people know that, there are different shapes for the lighting fixtures, for example, square, rectangle and round.

But, only a little person know the professional structure of the illuminate fixtures till now.

It is very pleasured to share the knowledge of the structure for the Led Panels on the following.

A. The drawing of structure.

This draft showing the different parts for the structure, please check it .

B. Noted points on the structure.

1. The frame body must be the high quality strong 6063 aluminium .

It can be make sure the whole kits are strong, and not weak.

2. The mockup design of the frame body must be have a heat dissipation function.

This point is very important, the best mockup can translate the heat inside the leds to the outside.

It will have a good protection for the inside SMD Leds.

Post time: Aug-06-2016


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